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Use this series to start from the beginning. Once you have mastered these background posts, you will be ready to join the journey.

Starting from the basics, we will explore concepts that are a must-know. From what is a stock to what types of investment accounts exist, you are sure to gain valuable insights if you are new to investing and personal finance.

This series will be updated whenever a demystified series post requires background knowledge.

Not your Grandma’s Guide to Stocks & Bonds
What is a fund? A guide to Mutual Funds & ETFs
The Hidden Cost When Investing: Expense Ratios
ABCs of Retirement Investment Accounts
Traditional or Roth: How to Choose
After-Tax IRA & 401(k) Investing: A Beginners Guide
Are You Profitable? Profit & Loss Basics
How to Choose a Firm
Open An HSA, Now
Compounding Is Beautiful
Investments You Should Consider For Safety
You Need An Emergency Fund Despite Inflation