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Why Do You Desire A Financial Guru? #1 Reason


False Gurus

Why do we seek out gurus? Whether financial or not, what causes us to indulge in the game of hide and seek? After all, the simplest of answers are often right in front of us!

When it comes to financial prophets, they will tell you that spending less than you make is the key to success. Yet many of us crave something deeper, something that represents an ah-ha! But the simplest of truths are often overlooked, and as Alan Watts once said, you will not wake up until you feel you have paid a sufficient price. 

You see, prophets don’t arise unless things are broken and need fixing. After all, you cannot have hot without cold, knowledge without ignorance, and space without matter. Thus, financial gurus are a symptom of a system seeking balance. Each opposite is the yin to the yang. 

Look to society, and you will see lavish spending all around. Such habits are abundantly clear on the east coast, where wealth one-upmanship reigns supreme. However, many people are financially unprepared for emergencies, as Becoming Minimalist points out. But life is too short for such fools play, running an endless rat race for no reason. 

Instead, live a life where you are deliberate. One where you already know the answer: spend less than you make and invest some of the surplus while enjoying life. That is the secret, so what are you waiting for, seeker? Go out and leave those incessant thoughts behind!

As always, have a great day.

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