Financial Freedom through investing

Demystified Series

So you want to achieve financial freedom? Well, you are in the right place. Through the MHFG Demystified Series, I will cover topics that range from Green to Blue to Black in difficulty. Do you have what it takes? Then read along as I demystify investment strategies learned while working in the financial services industry that you need to know.

Should Gold Be In Your Portfolio?
Buying International Stocks Is Essential, But Not Exciting
Choosing Health Insurance? Time To Discuss HSA Plans
Why You Probably Need (Term) Insurance
Debt Payoff Versus Investing Extra Cash
Crypto Is Not What You Think
No Savings Party Is Complete Without The Solo-K
Buy Now & Tomorrow, But Don’t Buy the Drop!
How To Withdraw From IRA & 401k Plans Without Penalty
Centuries of Declining Bond Yields & The 60/40 Portfolio: Is Change Warranted?
Is the Spousal IRA the Secret IRA?
The SEParate Side Hustle IRA
Should I Save In An IRA Or With Life Insurance?
I Don’t Have Kids. I Save In A 529 Plan.
Permanent Life Insurance Is Not An Investment
Anchor Strategies Keep Your Portfolio From Sinking
How I Came To Love Target Date Funds
Rebalance Your Portfolio, Now!
The Corona Crash & Stoic Investing
You’re Investing Wrong: Portfolio Construction
How Much Do You Need to Retire?
ETFs Are More Tax Efficient
Choosing The Best Index Fund
Debit Cards Cost You Money!
IRA Rollover … To An HSA?
Net Unrealized Appreciation: The Ultimate Tax Break
Active or Index: How to Decide
Roth Ladders: Climb for Freedom
How to be SLI: Asset Allocation Investing
The Ultimate Retirement Savings Hierarchy
Turn down for what? Turndown Rates
Is there a FIRE Backdoor?
Left your job or old 401(k): Now what?