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Financial Freedom through investing

Demystified Series

So you want to achieve financial freedom? Well, you are in the right place. Through the MHFG Demystified Series, I will cover topics that range from Green to Blue to Black in difficulty. Do you have what it takes? Then read along as I demystify investment strategies learned while working in the financial services industry that you need to know.

Saver's Credit depiction using save icon (floppy disk) and coin
Save Up To $1k With The Saver’s Credit
Margin loan vs cash value loan illustration via a bank and dollar sign
Which Is Best? A Margin Loan vs Cash Value Loan
Bank Failures & SIPC Insurance Warning Image
Institutional Failure In 2023, SIPC Insurance, and You
2022 bond markets crash and inflation soars
2022 Crushed Bond Markets. What About 2023?
Private equity
Should Private Equity Fit Into Your Portfolio?
Alternative investments illustration showing fund split into various asset classes
Alternative Investments Are Gaining Popularity In 2022, Should You Consider Them?
payment for order flow graphic of money moving between two parties
My 2¢ On Payment For Order Flow & If Should You Care
Short selling transaction of a price going down
Short Selling Demystified In 5 Min – Is It Worthwhile?
financial samurai logo and text for my donor advised funds guest post
Donor Advised Funds Are Powerful: My Financial Samurai Guest Post
Student loan debt forgiven through government gift/program
$10k Of Your Student Loan Debt Was Just Forgiven. Now What?
QDRO account
QDRO Account? 7 Facts You Should Know
Direct indexing graphic
Can Direct Indexing Save You Money? 6 Facts
Blind Luck Project Guest Post Photo
Blind Luck Project: My (2022 Recession) Guest Post
What is risk image
What Is Risk? Baby Don’t Hurt Me, No More!
One Million Dollar Bill How to Spend $1m/week
14 Money Tricks I Learned Spending $1M/Week
Buy This Not That Book Review Image
Buy This Not That Book Review (In Depth)
market volatility
How You Can Survive Market Volatility (i.e., Turbulence)
Debt payoff
Debt Payoff: What A Former Loan Shark Wants You To Know
financial topics
The 5 Financial Topics Partners Must Discuss For Success
research broker advisor
How You Can Research A Broker or Advisor
non-qualified retirement plan
Does Your Employer Offer 1 Or More Non-Qualified Retirement Plans?
What is a SIMPLE IRA (and how does it work)?
Every Risk Presents A (Potential) Reward
ESG Investing Cover Image
Could ESG Investing Fit Into Your Portfolio?
market crash
Market Crash – Don’t Turn Your Portfolio Into a Photograph
college cost
How Much Will College Cost In The Future? A Calculator
Life insurance coverage
How Much Life Insurance Do You Really Need? $1m or more?
Roth Conversion Backdoor Roth
Roth Conversion Season – Q4
Financial advisor
Hiring A Financial Advisor? 3 Things To Know
401(k) investments
Unique 401(k) Investments You Need to Know About
Annuities: How They Work & 5 Things To Know
Discover Lost Cash Through Decluttering
Should Gold Be In Your Portfolio? 3 Things To Know
International stocks
Buying International Stocks Is Essential, But Not Exciting
Choosing Health Insurance? Time To Discuss HSA Plans
term insurance
Why You Probably Need Term Insurance For Protection
Debt Payoff Versus Investing Extra Cash – 5 Facts
Crypto Is Not What You Think
No Savings Party Is Complete Without The Solo-K
Don't buy the drop
Buy Now & Tomorrow, But Don’t Buy the Drop! 2021
penalty free
How To Withdraw From IRA & 401k Plans Penalty Free
60/40 portfolio declining yields
Centuries of Declining Bond Yields & The 60/40 Portfolio: Is Change Warranted?
Spousal IRA for those married
Is the Spousal IRA the Secret IRA?
SEP IRA – The #1 SEP-arate Side Hustle IRA
ira versus life insurance battle
How Much To Save In An IRA Versus Life Insurance
I Don’t Have Kids. I Save In A 529 Plan.
permanent life insurance
Permanent Life Insurance Is Not An Investment
anchor strategies image featuring an anchor and money
Anchor Strategies Keep Your Portfolio From Sinking
target date fund graphic illustration of a fund being targeted
How I Came To Love Target Date Funds
rebalance graphical depiction of funds balancing on a board
It’s Critical To Rebalance Your Portfolio, Now!
corona crash illustration of car crashing
The 2020 Corona Crash & Stoic Investing
Portfolio construction image shown by portfolio return tracker line and a thumbs up
You’re Investing Wrong: How To Use Portfolio Construction
how much to retire
How Much Do You Need to Retire? $1M?
ETFs tax efficiency illustration
ETFs Are More Tax Efficient
Index fund illustrated through fund and arrow line
How To Choose The Best (#1) Index Fund
debit cards illustrated by card inserted into an ATM
Debit Cards Cost You Money & Opportunities!
ira rollover to has
IRA Rollover … To An HSA?
Net unrealized appreciation being captured
Net Unrealized Appreciation: The Ultimate Tax Break
active or index fund visual illustration
Active or Index Fund: How to Decide?
Roth Ladders
Roth Ladders Provide Freedom – 5 Facts
asset allocation diagram
How to be SLI: 2024 Asset Allocation Investing
Savings hierarchy chart
The Ultimate Retirement Savings Hierarchy
turnover ratio illustrated via money bag and ratio symbol
Turn down for what? Turnover Ratios
Is there a FIRE Backdoor?
old 401(k)
Left your job or old 401(k): Now what?