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finance demystified, one mountain at a time

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Welcome to MHFG

Welcome to the Mile High Finance Guy blog! My name is Olaf, and I am glad you are here. Join me as we summit the peak of financial knowledge and demystify investment, tax, and saving strategies along the way. So grab your hiking boots, and let’s adventure together! 

Demystified Series

Strategies to empower your investment decisions. Ranging from green to black in difficulty, these posts distill the knowledge I have gathered during my time in the finance industry. I helped others optimize their finances and now I want to help you!

Foundational Series

Every mountain has a base, a foundation that it is formed upon. This series is a right of passage for those beginning their journey to summit the peak financial literacy. Here you will learn the basics needed to read my demystified series and succeed.

How Much & To Series

Are you trying to determine how much you need to retire? Or perhaps how to withdraw from an IRA or 401(k) without penalty? Look no more! The How Much & To Series is a guide that answers your questions and helps you accomplish your goals.

ABOUT Mile High Finance Guy

Welcome friend.

Hi, my name is Olaf, and I am the Mile High Finance Guy! A millennial who has a passion for personal finance, from investing to taxes, my hobby is to optimize my savings when I am not mountain biking, hiking, or traveling in beautiful Colorado. I am fortunate to be married to a wonderful partner who continually supports my endeavors. Currently, I work as a financial advisor and provide winery consulting.

I decided to start after working for one of the largest investment firms in the United States. While there, I worked in a financial advisory capacity and discovered the fundamental lack of financial knowledge hindered the success of so many. So, I set out on a mission to demystify finance with the help of this blog.

Regardless of how you found this blog, thank you for visiting, and I hope you will frequently return. I am a follower of the FIRE movement, but I believe that the purpose of Financial Independence, Retire Early is truly about living life on your own accord. It doesn’t mean saving money and dropping off the face of the Earth. Instead, it is about saving so that you can drop in on what truly matters to you.

Financial independence gives people the freedom to chase their dreams, no matter how wild they are, and that is all anyone can ask for in life now, isn’t it?

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